This website has now been archived, was a nice idea but didn't catch on. Feel free to contact us at hozzamedia Ltd. 2012-07-04 22:24 GMT

"The Bitcoin Lottery"
000000.30 BTC
???????????????????????? is a very simple Bitcoin lottery system, each dBTC (1 dBTC = 0.1 BTC) sent to the above address is counted as a vote.

The more you vote, the more likely you are to win and any winnings will be paid into the account you used to vote with. A winner is selected on the 1st of every month.

No emails, no names, no personal info, completely private.

All transactions are monitored and processed into the voting system manually. So no wallet, API or cart system is in use on this website. A winner will be chosen automatically by a random number generator on the computer we use with the wallet (i.e. not on this web server), this means any security issues or breaches of this website will result in no loss of money to the users or winner. The bitcoin address will be changed every month. We have already deducted our fee for hosting and managing (which is a very reasonable 0.01% [fee void if transaction fee is greater than fee total]) from the total above. If any transaction fees are required to pay the winner, they will be taken from winnings.

All totals are updated manually, so the total winnings (number above) will not automatically update when the transaction gets confirmed. I will manually update the totals every day or so.

Before you vote make sure you can receive funds to the bitcoin address you vote with, this may only be a concern for online wallet users.